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Our Storytellers excel at transporting our clients into worlds of magic and adventure in their live performances, but they also excel at creating the details that make these worlds feel alive. When these details can be written down into comprehensive works and shared, we create a Published Work. These works include Modules, Adventures, Items, and more.

Some of these works may contain links to third-party websites, such as when the publishing rights are held by a third-party.

Have an idea you’d like to see put in ink? Contact us to inquire about commissioning a Published Work, or browse our Storyteller Profiles to find a good fit.

Our Storytellers have ultimate discretion over their schedules and commitments. We reserve the right to decline any booking request for any reason, including Storyteller discomfort with the proposed material or other details of a proposed commitment. Our Storytellers do not authorize the use of their voices to train AI, consent to simulated versions of their voices trained from recordings, or authorize AI editing of their vocal performances. Our Storytellers do not consent to being filmed, photographed, or otherwise recorded, especially without their immediate knowledge. All commissioned work, including but not limited to vocal or live performance, published work, and complex special events may require a separate contract which will include payment requirements, deadlines, format, rights, and other necessary information.

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