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Published in 2016 by Magpie Games

Recommended for: 3-4 Superhero fans, Ages 13+ interested in more contemporary settings similar to superhero comic books

Key Character Attributes: Danger, Freak, Mundane, Savior, Superior

Masks: A New Generation is a narrative-heavy superhero tabletop role-playing game in the Powered by the Apocalypse framework. As all the player characters are teenage or young adult superheroes trying to find their place in the world, Masks stories are coming of age stories.

Rather than having set character stats, each character has “Labels” that reflect both how others see them, and how they see themselves. Through the bonds they form (and break) and trials they face, players can influence and shift each other’s labels. Depending on the players and story, Masks stories may feel more like Teen Titans or The Boys.


We run official modules, “homebrew” content, and material from our Published Works. In order to maintain novelty and prevent any temptation to engage in metagaming, we do incorporate modifications and changes into plot details for each performance while maintaining the original spirit and overarching story. Additionally, players interactions actively shape the world and plot of each story as it unfolds. As such, no two performances are exactly the same. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Browse our full catalogue, or contact us to make a request. Lets tell a story together!

Published Works

We do not actively run all material from our Published Works. If you are interested in a Storyteller Hosted Tabletop Role-playing Game Session that utilizes one of our Published Works and it’s not currently listed as an available session in our catalogue, please contact us! We try to rotate our selection frequently, and take your requests into consideration in our selections.

  • Haunted Horatio’s Horror House


    Content Warnings: Altered perception, carnival, clowns, confinement Haunted Horatio’s Horror House is a one-shot module for Masks: A New Generation based around overcoming, or succumbing, to fear. This module can be used in an ongoing campaign as an event within a story, as a standalone spookfest, or even a focus for some of the more…

    Read More in Catalogue

We are able to run this informational page, write published works, and run games in the Masks: A New Generation system courtesy of direct permission from Magpie Games (Thank you!). Grinning Jackal Entertainment is not directly affiliated with or otherwise endorsed by Magpie Games.

The art featured on this page was obtained from the Magpie Games Streaming & Media Kit, courtesy of Magpie Games.

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