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Published in 2021 by Zak Barouh

Recommended for: fans of Pokemon and Digimon eager to tell their own story of childhood adventure

Key Kid Attributes: Logic, Reflex, Spirit Talents, Flaws, Desires

Key Animon Attributes: Heart, Power, Agility, Brains; Natures, Classification, Elements, Signature Attack(s)

Animon Story is an all-ages, narrative-focused tabletop role-playing game inspired by Pokemon and Digimon. The game master and players collaboratively work to create the worlds of the story. Players control both a Kid and their partner Animon, who come from two different worlds and are connected through their Bond of Friendship. Throughout their adventure, Animon may evolve into temporary, but more powerful forms and unlock new abilities.

  • Designed for more contemporary settings, with magic and/or technology unlocking the Animon world
  • Simple mechanics that emphasize narrative and role-play for both combat and diplomacy
  • Character progression is based on classes and narrative choices


We run official modules, “homebrew” content, and material from our Published Works. In order to maintain novelty and prevent any temptation to engage in metagaming, we do incorporate modifications and changes into plot details for each performance while maintaining the original spirit and overarching story. Additionally, players interactions actively shape the world and plot of each story as it unfolds. As such, no two performances are exactly the same. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Browse our full catalogue, or contact us to make a request. Lets tell a story together!

Published Works

We do not actively run all material from our Published Works. If you are interested in a Storyteller Hosted Tabletop Role-playing Game Session that utilizes one of our Published Works and it’s not currently listed as an available session in our catalogue, please contact us! We try to rotate our selection frequently, and take your requests into consideration in our selections.

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Our Storytellers are continually crafting and releasing new adventures. While we do not have any matching adventures currently available, you’ll be able to find it here as soon as it’s available.

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Animon Story is copyright of Zak Barouh. Grinning Jackal Entertainment products and game services have been produced independently based on the Animon Creator’s League 3rd party agreement, and are unaffiliated with Zak Barouh. Grinning Jackal Entertainment is not directly affiliated, or otherwise endorsed, by Zak Barouh.

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