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About this Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Grinning Jackal Entertainment handles and processes your personal data. For the rest of this document, we will refer to it as the ‘Policy.’

This Policy applies to:

  • Your use of any and all Grinning Jackal Entertainment services on any device, regardless of how these services are accessed
  • Any time we develop a new website or dedicated service, it will also be subjected to this policy unless we explicitly state otherwise

This Policy is not:

  • Our Terms and Conditions, which is a separate document. The Terms and Conditions is a legal contract between you and Grinning Jackal Entertainment which outlines your agreement to the client rights and responsibilities for use of Grinning Jackal Entertainment Services
  • Our Cookie Policy, which outlines how cookies are used on our websites and services
  • Our Code of Conduct, which outlines the expectations for customer behavior
  • Applicable to children under the age of 13, or others that are unable to provide consent by law
    • If you are unable to provide consent, we ask that you do not use our services or provide any personal data to us
    • We do not knowingly collect personal data of any child or individuals unable to provide consent by law. If we become aware that we have collected any such information, we will take reasonable steps to ensure we delete the personal data
  • A substitute for any Privacy Policy or other agreements relating to our third-party partners
    • Please familiarize yourself with their policies, and what personal data they collect

Your Rights and Controls Over Your Personal Data

Privacy laws vary all over the world. While Grinning Jackal Entertainment is based in the United States, we understand that each user may have different rights and responsibilities afforded to them under their local laws.

You have the right to:

  • Be informed of the personal data we process about you and how we process it
    • We inform you through this Policy
    • We may also inform at the point of service
    • By answering your specific questions and requests when you Contact Us
  • Request to know and access the personal data we process about you
    • You may request a copy of your personal data when you Contact Us
    • If you are requesting your personal data in an electronic format to use in another party’s service, we will try to honor the request to the extent that we are reasonably able
  • Request that we amend, update, or otherwise edit your personal data where it is inaccurate or incomplete
    • You may request these amendments when you Contact Us
  • Request that we delete your personal data
    • You may request we delete your personal data when you Contact Us
    • We may delete information that:
      • We no longer need for the purpose it was collected for
      • Which was processed based on the legal basis of consent once you withdraw your consent
      • When you make a justified objection
    • Some circumstances may prohibit us from honoring a request to delete your personal data:
      • Other laws may hold Grinning Jackal Entertainment under a legal obligation to retain the information, and so we can’t delete it
      • The data may still be necessary for the purpose it was collected for
      • Where legal rights and responsibilities allow Grinning Jackal Entertainment to retain information to protect our services from fraud and abuse, or to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims
  • Request that we stop processing some or all of your personal data
    • You can request this when you Contact Us
    • You may do this if your personal data is inaccurate, our processing is unlawful, we do not need your information for a specific purpose, or you have a justified objection to the processing we perform under the legal basis of legitimate interests
  • Withdraw consent
    • You can request this when you Contact Us
    • You may withdraw consent for any data processing that we perform under the legal basis of consent

Grinning Jackal Entertainment does not use or disclose any sensitive personal data for purposes other than those specified in Section 7037(m) of the CCPA Regulations (California, USA). We also do not have any automated decision making or profiling that would either have a legal effect, or produce a similarly significant effect. Grinning Jackal Entertainment does not use any form of targeted advertising.


Requests can be made when you Contact Us. We will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your rights under any privacy law. In order to fulfill your request, we may ask you to provide certain details to identify your personal data. If you do not have an account registered with Grinning Jackal Entertainment, we will not have sufficient information to re-identify and link any data with your request.

You may designate, either in writing or through a power of attorney (or similar document in accordance with local law), an authorized agent to make requests on your behalf to exercise your rights. Before we can accept requests on your behalf from an agent, we will require them to provide proof they are authorized to act on your behalf. For users operating with documents in a language other than English or in jurisdictions other than the United States, there may be reasonable delays related to verification. We may still need you to verify your identity directly with us to ensure proper verification.

If your request is denied, you may have the right to appeal the decision.


At this time, Grinning Jackal Entertainment has not received any personal data requests.

Personal Data We Collect

CategoryMay also be calledDescription
User DataIdentifiersThis is the personal data we need and use to create your account and maintain a record of services we have provided.

This includes your Profile Name, Email Address, Password, Date of Birth, Gender/Pronouns, Country.

When you interact with our website, such as when you leave a comment, we also collect your IP address and browser user agent string in an attempt to curtail spam and malicious abuse. WordPress utilizes a Gravatar service, which creates an avatar based on the anonymized hash of your email address if you do not have an avatar. This Gravatar may be publicly visible.

If you upload an image, you should avoid uploading any image that contains embedded location data, as anyone with access to view the image may also download and potentially access the embedded location data.

We do not collect any information from your device or a third party.
Mailing Address DataIdentifiersIf you purchase a published work or other physical item, we will require an address to fulfill the order. This address may also be used for billing and tax administration, deliver support options, or otherwise ensure our legal compliance.
Payment and Purchase DataCommercial InformationWhen you make a purchase, we will need to process your payment data. The exact personal data collected and used varies depending on the payment method.

It will include information such as your Name, Date of Birth, Payment Method (Credit Card, etc), Payment Details (such as expiration date and certain digits of a credit card number), ZIP/Postal code, and details of your purchase and payment history with Grinning Jackal Entertainment.

For your security and convenience, Grinning Jackal Entertainment utilizes Payment Partners and Merchants. These third party partners will send Grinning Jackal Entertainment information relating to your purchase, such as payment amount and addresses for fulfillment.

These Payment Partners and Merchants have their own Privacy Policies and other user agreements. It is important for you to understand and feel comfortable with how our Payment Partners and Merchants process your personal data, as it is separate from Grinning Jackal Entertainment. If you have a concern, please Contact Us so that we can be aware.
Performance Recording DataIdentifiersAll of our virtual sessions which use Zoom are automatically recorded and stored in the cloud utilizing Zoom’s cloud recording system. Our in-person sessions are recorded utilizing simple audio only recordings unless video recording is requested and authorized by the customer. These recordings are utilized to allow Storytellers to review events from their most recent sessions for detailed plot notes in ongoing campaigns, to assist in mediating disputes, and assist in both quality assurance and quality improvement (such as if a session encounters technical difficulties).

We never require any of our customers to utilize video or provide any identifying information in the actual game session. Unless we have a signed release authorizing such use, we do not share or utilize these recordings for marketing or other purposes.
Survey and Research DataIdentifiersWhen you respond to a survey or take part in any user research, we will collect and use the personal data you provide

How We Use Your Personal Data

Each time we process your personal data, is it under a specific legal basis. Each legal basis outlines how and why we are authorized to handle your personal data.

We strive to consistently collect and maintain the minimum necessary personal data. Our Data Storage & Retention Policies are further outlined later in this document.

  • Performance of a Contract
    • When Grinning Jackal Entertainment (or a third party) must use your personal data to comply with obligations under a contract with you, such as our Terms and Conditions, or to verify information before a new contract with you begins
    • This includes creating an account, personalizing your account, requests and fulfillment of goods and services, and processing payments
    • This also includes any necessary diagnostics, troubleshooting, or fixes to issues with our services
  • Legitimate Interest
    • Any time Grinning Jackal Entertainment (or a third party) must use your personal data in a way that is necessary and justified considering any possible risks to you and other users, such as quality improvement
    • This includes personal data that is collected as part of spam protection, research surveys, the development of new features, or the conduct of business planning, reporting, and forecasting
    • This also includes our rights to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims
  • Consent
    • Any time we ask you to actively indicate agreement to Grinning Jackal Entertainment’s use of your personal data for a certain purpose
    • This includes when you consent to cookies or otherwise actively indicate agreement for interaction, and may supplement another legal basis
  • Compliance with Legal Obligations
    • When Grinning Jackal Entertainment must process your personal data to comply with a law
    • This may include an obligation under the law of the country or region you are in, as well as United States and Texas law (as we are based in Texas)
    • This includes use of date of birth for age verification, compliance with compelled requests from law enforcement, courts, or other competent authorities

Sharing Your Personal Data

Some data associated with your user account including your profile name, profile picture, reviews, and comments may be publicly visible. While we ask for all of our users to be respectful of each other, any information you share with another user may be shared by that other user without any ability for Grinning Jackal Entertainment to censure them.

We may share your personal data with our service providers, where necessary, in order to ensure our technical infrastructure and services are operable and secure. We share with and receive your personal data with our Payment Partners and Merchants in order to process payments and fulfill anti-fraud protections.

Where we are compelled under law and we believe in good faith that it is necessary for us to do so, we may share your personal information with law enforcement. We may also do so out of justifiable interest in national security, risk to safety of an individual, or the prevention of death or imminent bodily harm.

Data Retention & Storage

Grinning Jackal Entertainment is committed to protecting user’s personal data and rights to privacy.

Data Retention

Grinning Jackal Entertainment seeks to retain your personal data for the minimum necessary duration necessary to provide you with our services and fulfill our legitimate and essential business purposes. However, we retain the right to retain data for the maximum time period available under the law, potentially indefinitely. Where possible and allowed under the law, we attempt to de-identify data kept in our records to reduce risk.

We are required to retain all transactional records for a minimum of ten years. This includes payment amounts, fulfillment details such as shipping addresses and recipient names, product(s) and/or service(s) purchased, purchaser information such as purchaser name, payment method, date of birth, and email address.

We retain all records and correspondence relating to contracts for a minimum of ten years after the conclusion of the contract. This includes records of agreement to items such as our Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions, contracts for special events, and commissioned services.

Recordings of our Storytelling sessions are reviewed and deleted after one year.

All documents and correspondence are reviewed at least every six months, and either archived in accordance with our data retention policies or securely deleted.

Information that may be necessary to maintain for an extended period of time includes Visitor IP addresses, information regarding individuals that have been denied service (such as for breaching our Code of Conduct), or recordings which may be related to ongoing or pending disputes or legal action. This information is anonymized to the greatest extent possible.

Comments and reviews/testimonials submitted to our website are retained indefinitely. Any recordings which have authorized media releases from all parties are retained under the terms of the release.

Data Storage

Archived records and email correspondence are securely stored in cloud-based storage, with storage and encryption through Proton.

Reviews/Testimonials, comments, subscriber accounts, or other information directly on our website are stored in our WordPress database hosted by and protected by Cloudways.

Customer account information may also be collected and processed by one of our third-party partners when you interact with those services.

While we endeavor to place appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the security of your personal data, no system is ever completely secure. To protect yourself online, we recommend:

  • Utilize a strong password that you do not use for any other account(s)
  • Never share your password(s) with anyone
  • Limit access to your computer and browser
  • Consider use of a VPN to protect information about your web traffic
  • Log out of your accounts once you are finished using the services, especially on a shared device
  • Familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and terms for all services you use
  • Be aware of all personal and identifying information you share online

If other users gain access to your user accounts, they can access the personal data, controls, and services tied to your accounts. If you feel your account has been compromised, please Contact Us so that we may be aware of the breach.


If you visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie is discarded when you close your browser, and contains no personal data.

If you leave a comment, review/testimonial, or otherwise interact with our website, you may opt-in to storing personal data such as your Profile Name and Email Address using cookies. These cookies are for your convenience, and will last for one year.

Cookies which store your log-in information in “Remember Me” functionality will last for two days, while screen display option cookies will last for one year.

Additional cookies may be provided by our third-party partners. Please view our Cookie Policy for more information

Embedded content from other websites and services behaves similarly to if you had visited their website directly. It may collect personal data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that embedded content, such as tracking your interaction if you have an account with that service and are logged in. We may host embedded content, such as YouTube Videos, Vimeo Videos, or SoundCloud Players. We may also have embedded content from or links to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

This website uses the Privacy Suite for WordPress by Complianz to collect and record Browser and Device-based Consent. For this functionality, your IP address is anonymized and stored in our database. This service does not process any personally identifiable information and does not share any data with the service provider. For more information, see the Complianz Privacy Statement.

Changes To This Policy

We may occasionally make changes to this Policy. We encourage our users to check this page regularly and verify if any changes have been made.

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