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  • Catalogue


    Browse our full listing of modules and published works to find your next adventure today! Search by system, skill level, genre, and more

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  • Team Building & Special Events

    Team Building & Special Events

    Stories bring us together to share in the experience together, and nothing does that quite like the collaborative storytelling of a tabletop roleplaying game. We can have our Storytellers join digitally in a virtual event, or come to your location to bring the magic to you!

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  • Current Systems

    Current Systems

    It’s important to find the right fit in a tabletop roleplaying game system. We explain some important differences in game systems, and list the game systems we currently offer.

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  • Published Works

    Published Works

    Our Published Works are created when our Storytellers can write the details of their worlds, and adventures, into comprehensive works. These works may include Modules, Adventures, Items, and more.

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Peek Behind the Curtain

  • Our Tabletop Roleplaying Game Philosophy

    Our Tabletop Roleplaying Game Philosophy

    At Grinning Jackal Entertainment, our role-playing game philosophy is simple: the power of stories is universal, and storytelling has no borders.

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  • Our Storytellers

    Our Storytellers

    Our Storytellers bring their unique skills to each session to transport you into the story to interact with dynamic characters, heart racing obstacles, and moments of wonder.

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  • Testimonials


    We don’t like just asking people to take our word that we’re good – it’s better to hear it from our past customers. Hear from our past customers!

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