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At Grinning Jackal Entertainment, our role-playing game philosophy is simple: the power of stories is universal, and storytelling has no borders.

From the first tales told around campfires and painted onto cave walls, storytelling has brought people together to build a shared experience. We see these practices continued in the modern day, in movies with international releases, haunted houses with live interactive performances in backyards and large productions, WWE matches, and more. Stories live and breathe around us every day, shaping our world and what it means to be human. From small tales to epic sagas, painful warnings to hopeful jaunts, simple to complex, all stories are important.

Stories live and breathe all around us everyday, but not everyone has had the same opportunity to participate in shared storytelling. Sometimes it’s a busy schedule, or a physical distance from others who are willing to collaborate. Sometimes it’s a lack of familiarity with how to collaborate in shared storytelling, or a wariness of social stigma. We want to be a place where people from all across the world can come together to tell a story together, knowing that their time is valued, their distance diminished, lack of familiarity met with education and welcoming, and wariness acknowledged and respected.

Stories unite us all in being human. Stories are for everyone, no matter who they are, who they love, what they speak, how they practice their culture or worship, or how they look, or how they choose to live. All stories, and storytellers should be shared and celebrated.

We hope you find that here with us at Grinning Jackal Entertainment. Find your next adventure, and lets tell a story together!

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