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Pronouns: He/Him/Any

Zaeryss is the founder and Lead Storyteller at Grinning Jackal Entertainment.

Zaeryss’s voice acting features both smooth narratives and diverse, enthralling character performances. His campaigns focus on character-driven narratives, with a complex world and NPCs providing dynamic reactions to player actions in a living world.

In his spare time, Zaeryss enjoys watching Twitch streams, playing video games, hiking, and reading.

Current Games

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Published Works

  • Haunted Horatio’s Horror House

    Haunted Horatio’s Horror House


    Content Warnings: Altered perception, carnival, clowns, confinement Haunted Horatio’s Horror House is a one-shot module for Masks: A New Generation based around overcoming, or succumbing, to fear. This module can be used in an ongoing campaign as an event within a story, as a standalone spookfest, or even a focus for some of the more…

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